Say NO to the good so that you can say yes to the GREAT!

*Good is the enemy of great. – Jim Collins (Author of good to great)

What a simple concept it is, yet you’d be surprised how frequently even the world’s top entrepreneurs, professionals, educators, and leaders get caught up in projects, situations, and opportunities that are merely good, while the great is left out in the cold, waiting for them to make room in their lives.  In fact, just concentrating on the good prevents the great from even showing up, simply because there’s no time left in our schedules to take advantage of any additional opportunity. 

Is this your situation?  Constantly chasing after mediocre tasks or pursuing misguided schemes for success when you could be holding at bay opportunities for astounding achievement?  Imagine how rapidly you would reach your goals and improve your life if you said NO to those time wasting activities and instead focused on the 20% of activity that would bring you the most benefit?  What if instead watching television, mindlessly surfing the internet, running unnecessary errands, and addressing problems you could have avoided in the first place, you used the extra time to focus on your family, your marriage, your business, starting a new income stream, and other forward pursuits? 

You are what your rituals are so determine if your daily activities truly serve your goals or if saying no would free up your schedule for more focused pursuits!  You can’t go back in time so use it wisely!


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