Boost your workouts with this SUPERFOOD!

Whether you’re slogging along at the gym, looking for a little pick me up, or just need more energy at work, you might consider turning to green foods.  I already talked about the wonderful benefits of a daily green smoothie.  If you want to improve all of the above and take your workouts to the next level, you might want to consider taking Spirulina!  I consume a tsp of this excellent supplement and put it in my green smoothie for one powerful drink!

What is Spirulina?  This blue-green algae has long been buzzed about for its ability to improve exercise performance.  A 2010 study in Medicine and Science in sports and exercise found that men who took 6g of spirulina a day for four weeks were able to run longer before fatiguing than those on a placebo.  They also burned more fat during exercise and experienced less muscle damage as well as inflammation.  Spirulina’s impressive nutritional profile offers some insight into these results.  It is high in energizing B vitamins and iron and antioxidants vitamin C and E, which can help counteract the free radical damage that occurs during exercise.  On top of all that, because of spirulina’s high protein content and amino acid profile, it makes an excellent post workout supplement to jump start muscle recovery.


One response to “Boost your workouts with this SUPERFOOD!

  1. Are you going to post a leg workout?

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