What are your fitness goals?

Just like it’s extremely important to take the time and set goals for your personal and business life, it doesn’t change when talking about your overall health and fitness goals.  If you just walk into the gym everyday without a clear-cut vision or purpose, it’s very safe to say that you will never see the results you had hoped for.  Whether you’re a athlete, marathon runner or just trying to look good in a bathing suite it’s very important to take the time and write out some goals for yourself.  How much weight do you want to lose?  How fast do you want to run the 40 yard dash in?  You will complete the marathon in how long?  Let’s not only stop there, to take it a step further start visualizing the body or goals you desire.  Once you start to envision and lock these mental pictures in your head you are creating all kinds of positive energy which will make you want to achieve your goals even more!  Cut out some pictures that trigger your overall goal and put them together so you can look at these everyday for an extra boost if your feeling down or not excited to go to the gym.  Another tip that could help you tremendously is to keep a journal of your progress on a daily basis.  What this is doing is letting yourself know your either taking steps forward or backwards.  It could be an excellent tool to your fitness goals if used on a daily basis. 

Let me know what some of your goals are and incorporate some of these basic tips into your regimen and watch your fitness goals start to become a reality!  WISH IT-DREAM IT-DO IT!


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