Your body! Your Temple! Take Care of it!

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live”. -Jim Rohn

Our Physical body is the vehicle through which we experience life.  Our bodies are both very fragile and extremely resilient.  If you don’t have food to eat, you will die.  If you don’t have water to drink, you will die.  You may not die today or tomorrow, but you will before too long, and as a direct result of not eating and drinking.  Eating and drinking are primary and urgent needs.  Beyond our primary physical needs, we also have a number of secondary physical needs.  Our primary needs are those we need simply to survive.  Our secondary needs are those we need to THRIVE.  If you want to thrive physically, you have to bring these secondary needs into focus in your daily lives.  Nothing tunes the body like regular exercise and a balanced diet.  When we work out and fuel our bodies with the right types of food, we have more energy, and we are stronger, healthier, and happier.  Too often in this generation, food is seen as a source of comfort or entertainment, instead of a source of energy!  Let me ask you something.  If you owned a million dollar racehorse, would you let it eat at McDonald’s?  Of course you wouldnt.  I guess the question becomes, how much do you value your own body?  Most people wait until they get cancer or have a heart attack before they remember they even have bodies! 

Last year more than $30 billion was spent on diet products.  I am amazed at how much people talk about diets.  How this one works and that one doesn’t.  For one second, let’s have a little bit of truth.  Most of us do not need any other diet than a little bit of discipline!  The average person knows the things that are good for him or her, and the things that are NOT.  All you need is the discipline to choose the foods that fuel our bodies and give us energy, strength, health, and happiness.  I don’t believe in diets.  Never have nor never will.  People will get on diets for only a certain period of time and then go right back to their old habits after awhile.  Is that beneficial to you and your overall health 30 years from now?  Chances are absolutely not.  Most don’t want discipline.  No, we want someone to stand in front of us on television and tell us that we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want, and as much as we want.  As long as we take this little pill….or do this special workout for twenty minutes twice a week.  Our bodies are glorious creations and should be honored and respected.  You only get to live in one body during this lifetime, might as well try your best to treat it like the masterpiece it really is!  Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and regular sleep are three of the easiest ways to increase our passion, energy, and enthusiasm for LIFE!  Physical well-being is the foundation upon which we build our lives!  Don’t waste anymore valuable time and put off your body which is your own masterpiece any longer!  Create the lifestyle you want and the passion, energy, and success will be sure to follow!


3 responses to “Your body! Your Temple! Take Care of it!

  1. “Most of us do not need any other diet than a little bit of discipline!” Nice blog, found this through Twitter. Kudos! Keep it up.

  2. This blog is an amazing, uplifting, impactful and significant reminder that has truly realigned my thought process of how my body is a temple…God’s masterpiece. Therefore, No. More. Excuses. I must push myself to workout harder & longer. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

  3. Truly love following you on twitter …. 🙂 God Bless

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