Shoulder “Shock” Routine

Try this shoulder routine that will have your shoulders in complete SHOCK!!!!  Goodluck!

 10 reps of the following exercises (Pick a DB and the weight you choose is what you will use the whole circuit  without taking a break or putting the DB’s on the ground, going from exercise to exercise).

10 exercises 10 reps

-DB front raise

-DB side raise

-Arnold presses

-DB shrugs

-DB shoulder press

-DB forward shrug circles

-DB backward shrug circles

-DB upright row

-DB single arm punches

– DB forward circles

After you finish the 10 exercise 10 rep routine, immediately grab a band and perform the following:

-20 band front raises

-20 band side raises

-20 band shoulder presses

I personally use 35 pound DB’s for this routine so pick a weight that you feel comfortable enough using that will also challenge you. Remember, you will be going from exercise to exercise without stopping so plan accordingly!  If you put forth your best effort with maximum intensity, every muscle fiber in your shoulders will  be completely SHOCKED!  Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


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